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autox is a utility that sets up a specified user's environment and then launches the xinit application. This greatly simplifies the process of booting to X11.


Warning: There is currently an issue with autox which means it is not started under a login shell. This can cause issues, as the user's profile scripts are not run and environment variables such as the user's locale are not set. nodm should be used until this is fixed.

Install the autox package.

Create a conf file in /etc/sv/autox and supply the necessary variables:

 # tty7 is the default

Before enabling the service, make sure the user you specified has a .xinitrc that execs an application. For example:

 xset -dpms s off
 xsetroot -solid black
 xhost local:+
 export QT_XFT=1
 exec kodi

Finally, enable the runit service:

 ln -s /etc/sv/autox /var/service/