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Raspberry Pi (External HDD with LUKS + Berryboot)

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  • Berryboot comes with LUKS pre-installed
  • I/O operations on the rpi will be significantly faster, since an external HDD will be used!

Making a SquashFS image

  1. Get the most recent rpi rootfs from the Void downloads page.
  2. On a host system (with squashfs-tools installed), run:
$ mkdir temp
$ tar -C temp/ -xf <path to void rootfs tarball>
$ mksquashfs temp void.img -comp lzo

This will convert the Raspberry Pi rootfs to a squashfs image.

Installing Berryboot

  1. Format SD to FAT
  2. Grab release from
  3. Extract to SD
  4. Make images folder
  5. Copy void.img to the images folder
  6. Boot the pi
  7. Follow HDD instructions on berryboot - set the LUKS password
  8. Mouse-over 'Add OS' and hold - a menu for install from usb will appear
  9. Add void.img (unsure, if it's not possible to find -- copy it to another usb and repeat instead)
  10. Boot! GPU memory split can be changed in settings, and other settings can be changed in /boot/cmdline.txt


  1. Setup network
  2. Configure /etc, locale...
  3. $ xbps-install -Su
  4. Add user
  5. ssh settings (permitRootLogin no)