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Managed to install VoidLinux on a Cubox-i2 by taking an Armbian image, keeping /boot, /lib/modules, /lib/firmware, removing everything else and un-tar-ing the void linux rootfs in place. It required fiddling with /lib, which VoidLinux wants to be a link to /usr/lib.

Set the time `date -s 'Nov 4 2017 18:30:00'`

Setup networking as explained elsewhere and `xbps-install -S` should work.

Note: the SolidRun provide kernel is 3.14, but VoidLinux requires the getrandom system call, which was only introduced in 3.17.

Note: Armbian provides a 4.11.4 kernel at the time of writing

Note: Xbian also boots (a 4.8 kernel) that demonstrates graphics very well, but within seconds after going to the console (Alt-F1) the system would freeze (or at least the system ceased responding to any keyboard input that I gave it).