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The default file manager of the KDE desktop environment


To install dolphin on it's own

# xbps-install -S dolphin

To install this file manager and additional associated KDE programs, use the command

# xbps-install -S kde5-baseapps

This file manager also comes included with the installation of the KDE desktop environment

# xbps-install -S kde5

Post Installation

Thumbnail Previews

To have properly working thumbnail file previews, the packages "ffmpegthumbnailer" and "kdegraphics-thumbnailers" have to be installed:

# xbps-install -S ffmpegthumbnailer
# xbps-install -S kdegraphics-thumbnailers

Enable previews in "Control" -> "Configure Dolphin" -> "General" -> "Previews" by checking the corresponding boxes. File previews will be shown for the selected file types after clicking "Preview" in dolphin's toolbar

Integrated Terminal

The integrated terminal function (key F4) opens a terminal emulator inside dolphin's window, on the same directory being currently browsed. It is configured to require Konsole (KDE's default terminal emulator) by default, to install it, simply run

# xbps-install -S konsole