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Reason: Ideally xbps-src should be used over compiling from source as it will produce a proper patched package. (Discuss)

Dwm is a window manager by the suckless community. It is intended to be lightweight, minimalist and fast.


You can install dwm using

# xbps-install -S dwm

However, if you want to customize dwm you will need to build from source.

Building From Source

First download the source code from,

Here[1] and then click the latest tar file at the bottom of the page.

Make sure to unzip,

$ tar -xvf dwm*

Alternatively you can download from the git repository.

First, make sure git is installed

# xbps-install -S git

then clone the repository,

$ git clone https://git.suckless.org/dwm

Lastly, change directory to the newly created folder

$ cd dwm*


First you will need to install packages required to build

# xbps-install -S base-devel libX11-devel libXft-devel libXinerama-devel

Building & Installing

You will need to edit config.mk or it won't build

$ vim config.mk

# FREETYPEINC = ${X11INC}/freetype2

also you need to change

X11INC = usr/X11R6/include

X11LIB = usr/X11R6/lib


X11INC = usr/include/X11

X11LIB = usr/lib/X11

Now you can build/install

# make clean install

Configuring & Customizing

Dwm is written in C, to configure it you will have to edit the header/source file to customize dwm.

Before doing anything, we need to copy the header file

$ cp config.def.h config.h

Don't write directly to config.def.h. Use config.h instead.


When customizing, edit the config.h file we created earlier

$ vim config.h

Known Issues

Crashes due to emojis in the title bar

Xorg may crashes when you try to open a window with emoji in the title. If that's the case, install emoji fonts such as font-symbola.

# xbps-install -S font-symbola