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Enlightenment is a compositing window manager for Xorg and Wayland based on Enlightenment Foundation Libraries.


Enlightenment is available in Void Linux repositories. Also, you can download Live Images with Enlightenment.

  # xbps-install -S enlightenment

Starting Enlightenment

With Display Manager

Enlightenment.desktop will be added to /usr/share/xsessions and /usr/share/wayland-sessions, so your DM probably can launch it.

Manual starting (Xorg)

  $ echo 'exec enlightenment_start' > ~/.xinitrc
  $ startx

Apps written with EFL

  • terminology - terminal emulator
  • rage-player - video and audio player
  • econnman - Connman interface
  • enlightenment_filemanager - part of Enlightenment, EFL-based file manager

Not in Void Linux repositories:

  • ephoto - photo viewer and editor
  • Edi - Enlightenment IDE


Enlightenment-style GTK & Qt theme

To get GTK2/3 apps look like Enlightenment interface (with default theme) download and put to ~/.themes e17gtk theme. Go to Enlightenment Settings -> Look -> Application Theme -> GTK Applications and select E17GTK theme. To use this theme for Qt applications do following:

  # xbps-install qt5-styleplugins
  # echo 'QT_QPA_PLATFORMTHEME=gtk2' >> /etc/environment


Enlightenment scaling can be changed in Enlightenment Settings -> Look -> Scaling. To setup custom scaling for other apps (for example, 180):

  $ echo 'Xft.dpi: 180' >> ~/.Xresources