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Wikipedia-logo.png Adobe Flash is a multimedia platform commonly used on the web to provide interactive and streaming content, including DRM content such as music or movies. It is becoming less utilized in favor of Wikipedia-logo.png HTML5, but a lot of content is still only available by using a Flash plugin. Adobe is planning to end-of-life Flash [1] in 2020. Many browsers have already removed the flash plugin from default installs and require special steps and plugins to install, but not all browsers support flash.

Flash in Firefox/Other Browsers

Adobe's official Flash plugin can be installed for use in NPAPI-compatible browsers like Firefox. adobe-flash-plugin must be built with Xbps-src. Additionally, you must allow restricted packages to be built.

$ cd void-packages
$ echo XBPS_ALLOW_RESTRICTED=yes >> etc/conf 
$ ./xbps-src pkg adobe-flash-plugin
$ sudo xbps-install --repository=hostdir/binpkgs/nonfree adobe-flash-plugin


  1. Adobe Corporate Communications "Flash & The Future of Interactive Content" Adobe Blog