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The Void Linux Hardware Database is automatically created based on hardware probes collected by hw-probe.AppImage, by hw-probe.Flatpak or by hw-probe.Docker.

It is a part of the global Linux Hardware Database.

Submit your hardware

Everybody can submit computer details to the database by a single command line:

1. AppImage:

   sudo ./hw-probe-1.4-135-x86_64.AppImage -all -upload

2. Flatpak:

   sudo flatpak run org.linux_hardware.hw-probe -all -upload

3. Docker:

   See docker command line here.


   Probe for hardware ... Ok
   Reading logs ... Ok
   Uploaded to DB, Thank you!
   Probe URL: https://linux-hardware.org/?probe=20e1f5d7a1



By creating a hardware probe you contribute to the "HDD/SSD Real-Life Reliability Test" study and to the development of smartmontools.


Private info is not collected. See privacy notes.