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Hardware probe -

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The Void Linux Hardware Database is automatically created based on hardware probes collected by hw-probe.AppImage, by hw-probe.Flatpak or by hw-probe.Docker.

It is a part of the global Linux Hardware Database.

Submit your hardware

Everybody can submit computer details to the database by a single command line:

1. AppImage:

   sudo ./hw-probe-1.4-135-x86_64.AppImage -all -upload

2. Flatpak:

   sudo flatpak run org.linux_hardware.hw-probe -all -upload

3. Docker:

   See docker command line here.


   Probe for hardware ... Ok
   Reading logs ... Ok
   Uploaded to DB, Thank you!
   Probe URL: https://linux-hardware.org/?probe=20e1f5d7a1


By creating a hardware probe you contribute to the "HDD/SSD Desktop-Class Reliability Test" study and to the development of smartmontools.


Private info is not collected. See privacy notes. Moreover, it's safer to share your logs by hw-probe rather than share manually, because most private data is removed or hashed at the client side before uploading.

Warning: Please note that a 32-byte prefix of salted SHA512 hashes of MAC addresses and serial numbers are uploaded to the server in order to properly identify unique computers and parts. These are unlikely to be reversible.