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Hexchat is an IRC client based on XChat. Here are some hints about its configuration and use.

Enable Spell Checking


  • Install hunspell and hunspell-en_US (these are minimum requirements).
  • Installed hunspell dictionaries for your desired languages.

Hexchat uses the Enchant library to provide spell checking. The default installation in Void Linux expects the dictionaries in /usr/share/enchant/myspell (for the hunspell/myspell provider) so there are two options for working around this issue.

  1. Copy the dictionaries in this directory, first creating if it it doesn't already exist.
  2. Create a symlink # ln -s /usr/share/hunspell /usr/share/enchant/myspell
  3. Restart Hexchat
  4. Navigate to Settings ‣ Preferences ‣ Interface ‣ Input box and check 'Spell Checking' item and set the Dictionaries language codes in the box so you can enjoy spell checking in Hexchat.