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Void linux uses mandoc (also known as mdocml) by default, instead of man-db. Users who wish to use man-db can install the man-db package through XBPS.


How do I change the default width of the man pages?

  1. Open the file /etc/man.conf in your editor of choice.
  2. Append this line to the end of the file: output width 200. You can substitute 200 with the maximum number of columns a line should be long. 200 is a good value for 1080p displays. The default is 78.
  3. Save the file and test the changes with man man.

If you want to preview your changes without editing man.conf, just execute the following command: man man | fmt -w 200. Change 200 to your preferred value.

How do I access the man pages online?

All man pages in Void Linux are available at man.voidlinux.org


$MANWIDTH doesn't change the man pages' width

Please note that changing the width by setting the $MANWIDTH environment variable doesn't work in mandoc. Use this method instead.