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Pianobar -

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Pianobar is a free/open-source console-based client for Pandora radio.


First, install pianobar and libao

$ xbps-install pianobar libao

Check your libao configuration, located at /etc/libao.conf. If using just ALSA for audio the defaults should be fine:



If you are using PulseAudio, you will need to install libao-pulse

$ xbps-install libao-pulse

Then change /etc/libao.conf to the following:



Create a folder and config file

$ mkdir -p ~/.config/pianobar
$ touch ~/.config/pianobar/config

The bare minimum needed in config is your Pandora account's username and password. Open ~/.config/pianobar/config in your editor of choice and add your credentials:


All other possible configuration settings can be found by looking at pianobar's man page

$ man pianobar