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Pinebook Pro

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The zzz(8) command can still be used to suspend the pinebook pro. However, ACPI S3 (suspend to ram) is broken in the mainline kernel that voidlinux uses. As such, it is best to use ACPI S0 (low-power idle) by issuing the sudo zzz -S command. ACPI S0 causes the pinebook pro to use more power in idle than ACPI S3 so it is advised to switch to ACPI S3 when the bug is fixed in the mainline kernel.

ISO Keyboard Mapping in X11

If you are using a pinebook pro with iso keyboard, you have to configure the keyboard using the setxkbmap command. Install the setxkbmap package and put the command: setxkbmap -model pc104 -layout gb in your xinitrc to make it persistent.

Opengl support

In order to have opengl support, you must install the mesa and mesa-dri packages. These packages are required in order to plot figures in octave.