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Out of date clock icon.svgThis article or section is out of date.

Reason: Quite likely obsoleted by the official package (sway), the third party related stuff should be removed but is the rest still valid? (Discuss in Talk:Sway#)

Sway is an actively developed i3-compatible tiling window manager for Wayland. While it still is a bit rough on the edges, it is suitable for every-day usage.


As Void Linux does not accept packages with non-release versions, you'll need to build the package from the inofficial void-packages-bleeding-edge repository:

 git clone https://github.com/robotanarchy/void-packages-bleeding-edge/
 cd void-packages-bleeding-edge
 ./overlay.sh sway-git
 ./xbps-src binary-bootstrap
 ./xbps-src pkg sway-git
 sudo xbps-install --repository=binpkgs sway-git


At the time of writing, sway gets a few commits of updates every day. Stick around at #sway on freenode to get informed. To build the latest version, change to the void-packages-bleeding-edge folder again and rund the following:

 ./overlay.sh sway-git
 ./xbps-src pkg wlc-git sway-git
 sudo xbps-install --repository=binpkgs wlc-git sway-git

Note: You can omit wlc-git in all statements, if you know that only sway has been updated.


Get out of your X11 or Wayland session if you have any open, for example by pressing CTRL+ALT+F2 and logging in with your account. Then start sway with your preferred keyboard layout:



Copy the default config to your home folder and edit it.

 mkdir -p ~/.config/sway
 cp /etc/sway/config ~/.config/sway/
 vi ~/.config/sway/config


Input doesn't work (or Sway doesn't start at all)

Make sure, that your user is in the video group.

XWayland tooltips and menus get tiled like normal windows (Firefox, GTK2 programs, ...)

This is a known bug, but there is more information needed to fix it. Please help by addding information about your setup here.

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