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In Void Linux, TeX Live is not included as a group of packages, but as a basic installation, and the packages are managed through tlmgr, which obtains the files from CTAN mirrors. Here a brief use is explained.

Installing TeX Live

sudo xbps-install texlive-bin

Updating the path:

source /etc/profile

and check that /opt/texlive/2016/bin/x86_64-linux (or /opt/texlive/2016/bin/i383-linux) is in it.

If required, change the global default paper size:

sudo tlmgr paper (letter|a4)

Installing/Updating packages

tlmgr warns if gnupg is not installed (used for verification):

sudo xbps-install gnupg

To update the packages:

sudo tlmgr update --all

To install missing packages, you can include the collection that includes it. To list the collections:

tlmgr info collections

To see the list of files owned by a collection:

tlmgr info --list collection-<name>

and install the collection:

sudo tlmgr install collection-<name>

You can install a package as a standalone; first check if the package exists:

tlmgr search --global <package-name>

and then install it:

sudo tlmgr install <package_name>

If the error is a missing file and not a package (for example a font), try:

tlmgr search --file <filename> --global

Check for the given list of packages, figure out wich one is the correct, and install it.

If want to remove a package or a collection:

sudo tlmgr remove <package_name>

For a full description, check: