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A "move" flag used to suggest renaming of an article.


This template should be added at the beginning of articles with misleading names. Ensure to rationalize the proposed move with the second argument and possibly also on the flagged article's discussion page.

{{Move|Target article name|reason}}

You can override the default discussion page with a third optional argument:

{{Move|Target article name|reason|Talk:Alternative Page}}

Alternatively you can point to a specific section in the default talk page with the named section parameter:

{{Move|Target article name|reason|section=Section name}}

Flagged pages can be found in Special:WhatLinksHere/Template:Move or in Category:Pages or sections flagged with Template:Move. Users are encouraged to participate in move discussions or simply complete the move (if sensible). The {{Move}} flag should be removed after the move is completed or the proposal is rejected.

Note: The talk page is linked through an external link: this is to avoid polluting Special:WantedPages when the talk page does not exist.


{{Move|Template:Move|This is just a demonstration template.}}

Ambox move.svgThis article or section is a candidate for moving to Template:Move.

Notes: This is just a demonstration template. (Discuss in Template talk:Move#)