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Reason: The pull request for this pacakge looks abandoned, and so the wiki page for it is unnecessary. (Discuss in Talk:Zeronet -#)

Zeronet packege for voidlinux is still pending. Zeronet use bit-torrent technology to share files and bitcoin technology to sign content, zeronet site and user is a valid bitcoin address and the private key are valid on the bitcoin blockchain. Zeronet home page is 1HeLLo4uzjaLetFx6NH3PMwFP3qbRbTf3D and the bitcoin details of this page can be seen 1HeLLo4uzjaLetFx6NH3PMwFP3qbRbTf3D. Zeronet peer and stats can be seen on



the official documentation is here make sure that the user running tor can read /etc/tor/torrc and the user running zeronet can read /var/lib/tor/control_auth_cookie


Zeronet use namecoin to make the addresses user friendly so a zsite like become

notable services

zerome is a mix of facebook and twitter

zeromail is a mail system that use zeroid

zerotalk is a forum

zeroblog is a blog platform

git center is a github like service that offers basic feature


zeronet proxy's come and go mostly because the admin dont understand how to properly run the proxy, by default any user can add zerosite to the proxy to disable this the proxy need to be run using --multiuser_no_new_sites

meta proxy

AceZeroProxy https://zero.acelewis.com/ it redirect the users to available proxys so if a psoxy goes down another will be used


in order to backup your user private key just copy ZeroNet/data/users.json


Is recommended to use tor-browser because a zsite is just html and the html file can make requests for images, webfonts, css, JavaScript, over clearnet instead over zeronet instead of the local folder


By default the zsite space is limited to 10MB after that the user need to increase the space for the desired zsite. The structure for a zsite like 1TaLkFrMwvbNsooF4ioKAY9EuxTBTjipT is something like this, please the notice that this is just a example and the purpose is to provide general information, so many details are ignored

  • css zerotalk forum css files
  • data in this folder the user data is stored
    • user
      • content.json controls the user permissions like max allowed space, bans and ID providers by default is uses zeroid.bit
      • < user bitcoin address >
        • content.json metadata about the user and the hash + signature of the data.json file
        • data.json store the user text post made on the forum
  • data-default when 1TaLkFrMwvbNsooF4ioKAY9EuxTBTjipT is cloned the files from this folder will be copied into the new data folder
  • img zerotalk forum webui images not user images
  • js zerotalk forum js files
  • languages zerotalk UI language

content.json this file is the admin file for the whole zsite it control the ownership, files to download, optional files, update date, admin, zeronet version required