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== Merch ==
== Merch ==
[[User:Gottox Gottox]] will provide some merch. Ideas:
[[User:Gottox|Gottox]] will provide some merch. Ideas:
* Stickers
* Stickers
* Shirts?
* Shirts?
* other stuff?
* other stuff?

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The 34th Chaos Communication Congress (34c3) takes place from 27th till 30th Dec in Leipzig Germany.

Session Ideas

The State of the Void

The annual talk: What is void, what happened in the last year.

The Architecture of Void

A small overview of the architecture of Void.

The Build Architecture

How we manage to get from a git commit to the published package in no time.


Gottox will provide some merch. Ideas:

  • Stickers
  • Shirts?
  • other stuff?