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Web Browsers

  • Firefox — The Firefox Web Browser is the faster, more secure, and fully customizable way to surf the web. || firefox
  • Surf — A minimal Web Browser with minimal features,with support for patches created with the suckless philosophy. || surf
  • Chromium — Google's attempt at creating a safer, faster, and more stable browser. || chromium
  • Dillo — a lightweight graphical web browser which aims to be efficient on system resources. || dillo || edbrowse
  • Eolie — Eolie is a simple web browser built for the GNOME desktop environment. || eolie
  • Epiphany — Epiphany is another web browser for GNOME with different design goals and more unique features. || epiphany
  • Falkon — Falkon is a KDE web browser it aims to be a lightweight web browser while having features you expect from a web browser,comes with built in Adblocker. || falkon
  • Flinks — Flinks is a text-mode flashing word web browser meant for speed reading. || flinks

Matrix Clients

  • — is a cross-platform, free software instant messaging client based on Electron for the Matrix protocol. || riot-desktop or via flatpak
  • Fractal — Fractal is a free software instant messaging client for Gtk desktops for the Matrix protocol. || fractal or via flatpak
  • Spectral — Spectral is a free software instant messaging client based on Qt for on the Matrix protocol. || via flatpak

IRC Clients

  • Hexchat — Hexchat is an easy to use IRC client for UNIX-like operating systems and Windows || hexchat or via flatpak
  • Polari — Polari is an easy to use IRC client that integrates seamlessly with Gtk environments || polari or via flatpak

Instant Messaging

  • Signal — Signal is a free software, cross-platform, encrypted messaging service || Signal-Desktop or via flatpak
  • Skype — Skype is proprietary instant messaging software that allows users to share both text and video messages. || skype or via flatpak
  • Discord — Discord is a proprietary voice and text chat program targeted at gamers as a replacement for Skype and TeamSpeak || via flatpak


Office suite

  • LibreOffice — LibreOffice is a free and open-source office suite, containing word processor, spreadsheet, presentation, diagram, database, and formula programs. || libreoffice or via flatpak

Word Processors

  • LyX — lyX is a document processor that combines LaTeX and a graphical interface || lyx