Warning: THE VOID WIKI IS DEPRECATED. It is no longer being maintained, contains outdated and incorrect information, and will eventually be shut down. Please refer to the Void Handbook, https://docs.voidlinux.org/, for the official documentation. If you can't find the information you're seeking, please raise an issue at https://github.com/void-linux/void-docs/issues

Frequently Asked Questions

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Which package contains XYZ?

xbps-query -Ro '*XYZ*'

If you need this more often, xlocate from xtools provides a caching database:

xbps-install xtools
xlocate -u
xlocate XYZ

How do I remove old kernels?

Use vkpurge.

How can I check my templates before submission?

Use xlint from xtools.

The installer sucks, how can I do $SPECIALTHING on installation?

You can install Void manually, see for example Install-LVM-LUKS or http://bougyman.voidlinux.com/void-install.sh.txt (used on Vultr and VPSie (kvm) vps's).

Valgrind needs glibc-dbg, which cannot be found. Help?

Install void-repo-debug and retry.

How should I partition my disk?

Note that Void (on x86/x86_64) keeps old kernels around, this takes about 20 MB per kernel version, plan /boot accordingly. 20-30 GB for / is probably a good fit for an expansive desktop installation.

Is there a 'Stable' version of Void?

Not an official stable version, Void is a rolling release. You are free to "freeze" Void at any point in time by utilizing the http://archive.voidlinux.com/[YYYY-MM-DD] repository at the date stamp of your choosing. See http://archive.voidlinux.com

I want to downgrade a package!

You can try using the xdowngrade script from xtools, like

xdowngrade /var/cache/xbps/youtube-dl-2015.07.07_1.noarch.xbps

If you don't have the old .xbps file anymore, you can try to fetch it from last questions archive.

Is there a Void Linux mailing list?

Yes, at https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/voidlinux

Is Void an Arch Linux fork?


Change default shell

Use chsh -l to list available shells and change it with chsh for the current user or chsh root for root or another specific user.