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Here is a compilation of games currently in the Void Linux repository. Currently only the free repository is included.


gnome-games - Collection of GNOME games aisleriot - GNOME solitaire card game bsd-games - A linux port for a collection of BSD command line games five-or-more - GNOME align five or more objects game four-in-a-row - GNOME four in a row game fortune-mod - Implementation of the BSDGames 'fortune' program gnome-mahjongg - GNOME Mahjongg solitaire game gnome-nibbles - GNOME snake eats diamonds game gnome-robots - GNOME classic robots game gnubg - GNU Backgammon game lbreakout2 - Breakout-style arcade game rocksndiamonds - Arcade style game xskat - The card game Skat for Linux tali - GNOME sort of poker game with dice supertux2 - Side-scrolling platform game, milestone 2 supertuxkart - Kart racing game featuring Tux and his friends quadrapassel - GNOME classic falling-block game (Tetris) neverball - Puzzle/action game similar to Super Monkey Ball foobillard++ - An OpenGL billard game - fork of foobillard


dolphin-emu - A Gamecube / Wii / Triforce emulator vba-m - Gameboy Advance Emulator


darkplaces - An advanced Quake 1 game engine cdogs-sdl - A classic overhead run-and-gun game SMC - Two-dimensional platform game similar to Super Mario xmoto - 2D motocross platform game tesseract - FPS game focused on instagib deathmatch and capture-the-flag gameplay sopwith - Sidescrolling shoot 'em up game minetest - An InfiniMiner/Minecraft inspired game opensonic - Open-source game based on the Sonic the Hedgehog universe flare-game - A single-player 2D fantasy action RPG TSC - OSS 2D platform game reminiscence - Rewrite of the engine used in the game Flashback from Delphine Software


OpenXcom - Reimplementation of the original X-Com game boswars - A futuristic real-time strategy game (RTS) crimson - Tactical war game in the tradition of the popular Battle Isle freeciv - Free and Open Source empire-building strategy game

  • freeciv - server/data
  • freeciv-gtk2 - gtk2 client
  • freeciv-gtk3 - gtk3 client
  • freeciv-sdl - sdl client
  • freeciv-xaw - x11 client

warzone - 3D realtime strategy game on a future Earth wesnoth - Turn-based fantasy strategy game widelands - A real-time strategy game liquidwar - A unique multiplayer wargame hedgewars - Funny turn-based artillery game, featuring fighting Hedgehogs! swell-foop - GNOME puzzle game where you remove similar objects swars - A SDL port of the 1996 DOS game Syndicate Wars


atomix - GNOME puzzle game where you build molecules gnome-klotski - GNOME puzzle game where you move blocks gnome-mines - GNOME puzzle game where you locate mines in the ocean gnome-sudoku - GNOME Sudoku Japanese logic game gnome-tetravex - GNOME puzzle game where you align pieces with numbers hitori - GNOME eponymous puzzle game iagno - GNOME Reversi (Othello) game pingus - Free Lemmings-like puzzle game lightsoff - GNOME puzzlle game where you turn off lights