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This page is a recap of things still to be done in Void Linux's wiki and a starting place for anyone willing to help.


How can I contribute?

  • If you know your way around a popular application or just know how to get X done on Void Linux, and there's no documentation here for it, you're more than welcome to write an article. If documentation is already available, you can still help by verifying that articles provide reliable information and up to date with current developments.
  • A number of articles are uncategorized and in dire need of some love. Feel free to update them and either categorize them into current or wanted categories or, if they're too short to be worth an article on their own, integrate them into the FAQ.
  • Several articles are also a bit of a mess when it comes to style and might do with some (or a lot of) polishing.
  • If technical jargon is beyond your expertise or just lack the time to write complete articles but have good writing skills in English, you can still help a lot by spell checking or sprucing up articles as your time permits. Every bit helps the Void!

Articles requiring urgent help

Here are a few articles that need some urgent help. You can probably find more by just browsing the wiki...

  • Rosetta stone still requires more information regarding how to do certain common tasks in Void Linux with XBPS and friends. That page is meant to help starters and intermediate users to know XBPS a bit better.
  • Musl now has some basic information, but still needs a lot of polish.
  • Glibc is virtually empty...
  • Raspberry Pi needs more Raspberry Pi 3 64bit related information, because it's a fairly recent development and still has some problems, which should be mentioned.
  • Bluetooth needs to be written more precisely and with a troubleshooting section. More specific information regarding Bluetooth has to be given, even if it is just pointing to external resources.
  • Steam needs some serious restructuring. The page mentions pulseaudio a lot, although it's not needed for anything but the microphone. Meanwhile, the fact that Steam crashes without dbus running was left unmentioned until recently. Games-related troubleshooting should be its own page or be left out of the scope of this article.

Wanted articles

As a general note, more guides related to specific software and its usage in Void are needed. Just check whether it has been done already, for there are still many unlinked pages with quite some information. If you can't find something using the search feature, chances are that what you're looking for hasn't been written yet.

Besides the articles currently missing that MediaWiki itself keeps track of for easy reference, we could do with articles about

  • How to install Void by hand. One of the current articles about installation could be taken as start, removing what is not needed and then providing links to the articles documenting how to install Void specifically with certain features (LUKS, chroot, etc.). This way we wouldn't have separate articles potentially overlapping each other and none documenting exactly what it should and nothing else.
  • How to install $POPULAR_DISTRO packages on Void.
  • Document a bit all the DEs directly supported by Void Linux, stating the approximate requirements for each one. DO NOT just copy&paste from ArchWiki please.
  • How to replace the login manager
  • How to install and set up a LAMP server on Void
  • How to install Apache
  • <your ideas here>