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i3 or I3wm is a fixed tiling WM.

core components


This is a simple way to lock the session. Most lock scripts have a fancy way to take a picture of the desktop apply some effects and then use i3lock to show that file. The scrot command requires scrot to be installed, and the mogrify command requires ImageMagick to be installed.


scrot /home/user/.config/i3/lock.png
mogrify -scale 3% -scale 3344% /home/user/.config/i3/lock.png
i3lock -ni /home/user/.config/i3/lock.png


i3status is a program that displays various metrics about the system and is commonly used in combination with i3bar.




i3-gaps is a fork of i3 that features configurable gaps between windows. Gaps are configured in the i3 config-file:

gaps outer 10
gaps inner 15

i3 feature 54

Feature 54 allow users to have a Conky window always visible


Depending on your setup there can be some conflicts with other tiling WM


sxhkd is a core part of bspwm and if you run both on same system your i3 bindsym will not work because sxhkd, so make sure to kill sxhkd before starting an i3 session.