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Usage reporting

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By default, Void Linux does not collect any information about any aspect of the usage of your computer. However, the PopCorn package can be installed to report:

1. The packages and version installed on your system (e.g. "xorg-server-1.20.4_1")

2. The output of xuname (e.g. "Void 5.0.13_1 x86_64 GenuineIntel uptodate rF")

PopCorn does not report any other data about your computer. Each computer is tracked by a random, client-generated unique identifier (UUID). This identifier cannot be used to identify you; no information PopCorn collects can be used to identify you.

Data collected by PopCorn is made publicly available at


To install popcorn, enter the command

# xbps-install -S PopCorn

Then, enable the service to report daily

# ln -s /etc/sv/popcorn /var/service/


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