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The Void Linux Wiki is for the documentation of Void Linux. Unless specified otherwise, all textual content in this wiki is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License (CC BY-SA).

If you're looking to contribute to this wiki, the help page is a good place to start.

What this wiki is

The wiki is to provide the minimum amount of information necessary to use and maintain a Void Linux system. Note that this does not mean that it will teach you everything about Runit (go upstream for that, the docs are excellent). It contains information about our package manager, bringing up a system after a base install, and other tasks that are Void specific. For information about a general topic of program, it is recommended to point users to the Arch Linux wiki or a project's upstream documentation (we do not provide, endorse, or accept patches that alter a program's behavior from that of upstream except in very few documented cases).

What this wiki is not

This wiki is not a free host or web space provider

As a general rule, content totally unrelated to Void Linux is not welcome. This wiki is also not meant as a test wiki unless you intend to contribute to the documentation here; even then, testing should be conducted in your personal page until your article is ready for consumption.

If you want to learn how to use MediaWiki, see the pointers in the help page or, better yet, navigate to mediawiki.org and consult the official documentation.

The Void Linux Wiki is not a repository for links, images or media files

The upload feature is disabled to keep things simple and backups under reasonable sizes, as well as to prevent abuse. If you have a very good reason to upload an image or any other kind of media file to this site, consider doing so to Wikimedia Commons instead, then using the InstantCommons feature in MediaWiki to use the file in your article.

This wiki is not a vehicle for advertising

This site is not to be used for commercial promotion, advertising or propaganda of any kind, other than for Void Linux itself. Publishing such material is grounds for getting such content deleted and your account blocked without previous notice.