Embedded Images

Install Void Linux by using a prepared rootfs images or tarballs that can be written/unpacked onto embedded devices.

This method allows you to have a system ready to boot/use, once it’s written/unpacked onto the target device.

The rootfs images are prepared with a 2GB large partition. Alternatively, you can extract the *rootfs tarballs* onto your own partitions if you want to customize the partition layout/size and filesystem choice.

OpenSSH is enabled by default on LAN to easily configure your device after installing the rootfs images.

Username Password
root voidlinux

Supported devices:

Board Architecture Instructions
BeagleBone/BeagleBone Black ARMv7, hard float Beaglebone
Cubieboard2 ARMv7, hard float Cubieboard2_NAND_Install_Hack
Odroid U2/U3 ARMv7, hard float Odroid U2
Raspberry Pi ARMv6, hard float Raspberry Pi
Raspberry Pi 2 ARMv7, hard float Raspberry Pi
USB Armory ARMv7, hard float USB Armory
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