This page contains information on various use cases of Samba on Void.


You'll want to install cifs-utils and smbclient.


Here is an example fstab entry, from the Samba wiki:

//	/mnt/oneterra		cifs	guest,_netdev,uid=mike 0 0

_netdev is used to wait until a network is brought up before mounting.

Tip: You can also use noauto to keep the system from automatically mounting the share.

Via Command Line

here is an example command from the Samba wiki:

mount -t cifs -o user=luke // /mnt/linky_share


Install the server by running:

# xbps-install -S samba

Enable the server by running:

# ln -s /etc/sv/smbd /var/service/

Edit the default configuration file using your favorite editor:

# vim /etc/samba/smb.conf

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