Setting Build Environment -

PREFACE: This is work in progress, feel free to modify it if you know how to make it better or mail me at <carloDOTdormelettiATaliceDOTit>.

Minimal Build Environment

For a minimal Build environment you have to install:

xbps-install -Su base-devel

Qt5 / QtCreator Build Environment

xbps-install -Su qtcreator-full

LxQt development

xbps-install -Su libfm-qt5-devel liblxqt-devel liblxqt-mount-devel lxqt-globalkeys-devel libqtxdg-devel

Android development

To do android development you have to install a proper android-sdk in your home directory and you will also need these packages:

xbps-install -Su zlib-32bit libgcc-32bit libstdc++-32bit
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